normal service has been resumed

We haven’t had an onions and roses for ages so I thought it was time we did.

Roses go to C and Gembolina making sure I got from A to B while I wasn’t able to drive this week. Thanks, girls. I could get used to being driven everywhere.

The onions, great big ones that I could throw at the little bastid and kill it with, go to the horse fly that bit me the other day and rendered me temporarily disabled.  Can you believe I couldn’t even drive because  of a fecking insect?!  Wen I did get back into my car yesterday all oncoming motorists thought I was pointing at them because my index finger, the bitten one, wouldn’t bend so it was pointing straight out as I held the steering wheel. It got me some funny looks, I can tell you.

An early morning dash to the chemist was followed about three hours later to a trip to the doctors as my hand was threatening to drop off. More medications were dispatched.  I narrowly avoided having to have my wedding ring cut off. After much soap, pulling, twisting and wrenching I managed j to get it off just as I was about to give in and say cut it off.  I’m really upset about not wearing my ring, I haven’t taken it off in all the years we’ve been married and it just feels wrong not to be wearing it.

All this because of a fecking fly!

It’s all calming down nicely now but it’s fair to say it’s not a pretty sight – I’ll spare you that.


Poochie and me did our second exam in the dog obedience class on Thursday.  Of course she passed. Funny though, the reason I took her there in the first place was to  learn how to walk her on the lead without being pulled onto my backside  (twice)  pulled into the road  (once) or having my shoulder wrenched from it’s socket (umpteen times). She’s learnt all manner of clever tricks but the walking on the lead nicely still seems to be too difficult, I’m not sure if it’s her or me that’s not getting the message.

Here are a couple of pics from one of our favourite walks. The woods are gorgeous just now and there were millions of buttercups, with the dappled light through the trees it looked a bit  surreal the other day, all green and yellow reflecting off every surface, beautiful. The photos don’t really do it justice.

If you go down to the woods today
in the woods

Further  round on our walk we stopped to admire  Darwen Tower.

Distant Darwen Tower

Then the red and yellow field.

The red and yellow field

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