Samlesbury Skirmish

What a beaut of a weekend!! From Friday to Sunday it’s been brilliant.

Nothing special happened Friday night, it was just a really nice evening spent in the company of my beloved. Isn’t it funny how the best times can be the simplest times?

Saturday was barbeque day, P and G weren’t planning to stay long because P needed to do a podcast about the E3 show and still had a ton of research to do. Hhhmm, it sounded like a plan, stay for a couple of hours and then go home and do some work. What actually happened: lots of fun and merriment mixed with various amounts of red wine, beer and vodka then getting home 5 hours later in no state to do any kind of anything never mind research!  What a great night.

Waking up to another glorious day on Sunday, I’m loving this summer, we scooped up a coupe of clingons and went to Samlesbury Hall in Blackburn for their medieval skirmish day.  There was a medieval village, food, crafts, stilt walkers, story tellers a magician and loads of other stuff. The reenactment of the battle of Bannockburn was hysterical, not to mention over in about a minute.  Not the cheapest day out by any any stretch of the imagination but it was a fantastic atmosphere and brilliant fun.

C’s beau took a few photos:


chain mail momma

s we were walking through the medieval village a chap collared me and suggested I try on the chain mail.   Bearing in mind the weather was blisteringly hot, he put me into a padded shirt, which I was glad about because I was wearing a halter neck dress and  didn’t fancy cold metal on my bare back, a chain mail vest, a padded hat, a chain mail hat, a metal helmet, a shield and a sword. The whole ensemble looked very fetching, I thought. It also weighted about 40 pounds. How the hell soldiers used to fight in that stuff is beyond me, I could hardly move.

the children got their faces painted

Of course the children got their faces painted, it just has to be done. Actually L, decided not to and got a private performance from the magician!!!!

Picnic time for clingons

he knights were a bit scary, clip clopping round the arena on their  pretend horses. I must say the crowd get into the spirit of things and booed like good uns when the ‘Scots’ arrived.  “Boooooooo, yer baddies boooooooooo!”

medieval knights

The chap holding the sword aloft was taking great delight in telling us all that it’s called a ‘bastard sword’ and telling all the kids that becasue it was the name of the sword it wasn’t swearing so they could say it as much as they liked. he certainly repeated it plenty of times. “BAAAAAAAAASTARD SWORD, got it? BAAAAAAAAAAASTARD!!!!  Hehe.


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