Arrested for what?!

Not peeing up the side of the police car wheel? That surely implies that you were supposed to pee up the police car wheel.

Doesn’t it?

Confused, dear reader?  So was I.

This was how the conversation went with  hairdresser this morning.

The story went like this:  Having spent the day in the pub watching that abysmal and embarrassing World Cup game when England was well and truly trounced, my hairdresser, his girlfriend and her brother were just about ready to leave.  On the car park were a crowd of about 30 people, all a bit tanked up but no signs of any trouble. The police arrived,  leapt out of the car and went straight round to the back of the building, no one knew why.

While they were away some wag decided to pee up the wheel of the police car, much cheering and hilarity followed.  My hairdresser,  having seen it happen while he was leaving, walked  past the police car  and thought it would be funny to pretend to do it as well. More cheering. The police, came running back, saw the pee, saw the hairdresser, put 2 and 2 together and made 70.

10 hours in a cell, 2 broken ribs later, the hairdresser was allowed out on bail, till Monday when he’s up in court.  Is this an example of British justice?  Seems a total over reaction to some drunken, if inappropriate, high jinks to me.


Bloody, sodding, fecking, winged creatures. I’ve been bitten in places no self respecting horse fly should even be approaching.  Vast quantities of anti histamine and hydrocortisone are keeping the allergy to said winged critters at bay but only just. What the hell is going on this year, I’ve never known anything like it.

Why not just put on clothes that give more overage? I can hear you asking. I did!  The blighters are biting me through my clothes!!!

Busy weekend this weekend. It’s Boofuls birthday tomorrow  and we have a few family and friends coming round tonight for a bit of a knees up.  The plan was to have a bbq but it’s piddling down at the moment so I might have to resort to that old standby, good old spud pie.


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