Foiled again

Bloody weather.  I got soaked to the skin this afternoon taking poochie for a walk and wasn’t keen to get soaked again tonight on the Wednesday walk so at 6pm, after keeping a close eye on the huge black clouds hanging over us I made the decision not to go. Within ten minutes of it being too late to go the bloody clouds parted and the sun shone through. Now it’s a glorious evening and I’m stuck at home with no where to go. Gutted for me.

Ah well, I’ve just  watched a nice film starring the brilliant Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, ‘Last Chance Harvey’. Very sweet and not a single person got shot/chased in a car/murdered/blown up/wore a space suit. Lovely.


After whinging my brains out today at my friend and rival photographer, Paul  about lack of reprint sales from portrait sittings, I home home to find a monster sized order waiting for me. Yay!!!   Obviously a good whinge is the way to go. The future is whinging.


After dog training the other night we arrived back at Deb’s house to find her daughter in a flap. She’d lost some work and desperately needed it for the following day, could I possibly help as I’m a computer genius (blushes slightly).

If only she knew the truth, just keep bashing the keys and talking bullshit till the right thing happens. The real computer genius in this house is Boofuls. Anyway, I invited her to come down with the laptop and the offending memory stick to see if we could find and get the bugger to print for her.  While Boofuls was messing with the computer I asked her – and the little sister who she’d brought along for moral support, if they’d like a glass of lemonade.

Easy enough question, I thought.

By the the look on their faces you’d think I’d asked them  what their opinion was of the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson experiments.

“Err, dunno.’ Came back the answer as they both squirmed on the spot, shuffling their feet and giggling like lunatics.

Well, y’see it’s at this point that I tend to get a bit tetchy, I try not to, really I do.  I pasted a smile on my face and tried not to appear menacing.

“It’s a simple yes or no answer. Would you like some or not.”

“Errr, not bovvered.” Squirm, shuffle, giggle.

“Right, two lemonades it is then.”  Ggggrrrrr.   Basic social skills really aren’t that difficult, are they?  I know we live in the back of beyond but ffs!!!

I stropped off to the kitchen leaving Boofuls to make (very) small talk with them. Thank God it didn’t take too long to get it all sorted out for them.  To their credit they did manage a feeble, ‘thank you’ as they left.

Here a few photos taken on my new  iphone. I’m stunned with the quality of them when the photos are taken in good light, or even in average light.  It doesn’t cope too well in low light but then I have to remind myself that it is after all only a bloody phone!  This first photo is a massive crop and it still looks acceptable, I’m soooo impressed. Now if I could only work out how to ring people….

Hairy Moth

Darwen Tower from Tockholes

This next photo has been very clumsily tinkered with. If you guess what I’ve done to it – and I’ve left you a massive clue- you won’t win anything at all.

Tockholes field


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