Looooooong weekend away

What a brilliant weekend we had. Our plan to mosey down the country over the course of the weekend so we were in the right place for the funeral of a friend on Monday was a genius, if rather expensive, plan.

Booful’s birthday pressie of a tip to the Comedy Store and stay in a hotel turned out to be a good choice.  Advertised as starting at 8pm, we had to forgo our pudding at the hotel due to the stupidly slow service in the restaurant so we were there on time.  At 8.45 as the slow handclapping from the audience was starting to take hold, the show started and it was excellent.  Four comedians and a belly full of laughs later we strolled back to our hotel making the most of the lovely, warm evening.

As normal, being a light sleeper and not used to traffic noise I was awake half the night, here is the view from our bedroom window at 4 a.m.

Manchester Dawn

I was balancing the camera on an upturned cup with a ciggie packet on top of it to get it to the correct height, then using the 10 second timer to remove any camera shake from pressing the shutter.  After I’d shot about 10 frames it occurred to me that it was probably not a brilliant idea to be doing that as the orange lalshing light might have looked a bit strange to anyone in the railway station. I half expected the police to come and batter down the hotel door thinking there was a sniper in there!!  I went back to bed a bit sharpish after I’d had that thought.

Breakfast was in the lovely restaurant we’d had to leave so quickly the night before. No rushing now though, we enjoyed a leisurely brekkie of just about everything; fruit, full English, croissant -just because it was there – I could hardly move after. A very different brekkie to my usual meagre portion of cereal with poo yogurt on it. By poo yogurt I of course mean pro biotic.

Don’t you just love people watching?  We sat for ages making up stories about the other diners. There was a group of Chinese people who fascinated me because  they moved in unison, just like a shoal of fish, when one turned they all turned.   I could have watched them all day.

Ok, I have to go now to catch up on the mountain of work  that has appeared on my desk while we’ve been away – how did that happen??  More weekend tales later.


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