Waking up with a start on Sunday morning to the sound of  shouting I quickly realised that someone had got lost.  I could hear as someone not too far away from our room called out, “Huey, Huey, HUEY!!.”   Every call sounding a bit more long winded and desperate than the last one.

I think Huey must have fallen down the toilet because the shouting seemed to be coming from a bathroom.  Poor Huey, I hope they found him.

We checked out of the hotel and greeted another gorgeous morning.  What to do today then?  So many options but in the end we guilt tripped ourselves into going to do the obligatory family visiting.  I know how horrible that sounds.

God, it was hard work, especially since Booful’s stepmum has got herself a Jack Russell which a penchant for shagging everything in sight.  We kept that trip as short as we could get away with without being rude.

It would have been nice to see step MIL had it not been for that (literally) fecking dog.

There isn’t a great deal more to say about the weekend as we met up with some friends and spent the evening discussing the life and many amazing achievements of the friend who’s funeral we were there to attend.  The funeral itself was um…….long.  A full catholic mass and communion followed by another blessing at the cemetery.

During the service at the graveside there was a very dignified fly past of two microlight aircraft, one flex wing and one fixed wing. A very fitting and dignified tribute to an aviation hero.

At this point I could go into a MAJOR rant about showing respect for family and the deceased but in the interests of keeping things civilised and respect for the family of our deceased friend:  a gentleman,  a gentle man and a genius who the world is a worse place for being without, I’ll keep my trap shut.


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