I’ve been to our favourite budget supermarket this morning to stock up on a few essentials. It’s no Harrod’s Food Hall but it’s not too bad as budget supermarkets go, it’s clean, well lit and the staff don’t look like they’d swipe your purse or duff you up if you looked at them the wrong way.

Unlike  Netto,   emporium of broken ‘one dip’ biscuits.  Netto,  purveyer of ‘White Lightining’ cider, preferred drink of the alcoholics of the metropolis who’s finances can’t run to  genuine  ‘Wife Beater’, aka ‘Stella Artois’.  Netto which  is,  in my opinion,  only one step up from rummaging in bins.

Harsh?  Let me refer you back to this story, dear reader.

Moving on before the memories from that last story become too vivid:

The Wednesday evening walk was a bit of a washout.  As me and fellow dog walker, P drove to the allocated start of the walk we could see the sky in front of us glowering darkly like something off “Ghostbusters’  We sat in the car watching and wincing as the forked lighting shot through the sky, the thunder rumbled and the rain hammered down.

My walking buddy for last night isn’t someone I know well, we  only met at the same dog training class a few weeks ago and realised we go on the same guided walks so it seemed sensible to car share.  Had I known her well I would have said, “Fook that, let’s go home.” as it was We both glanced sideways at each other trying to gauge the other’s reaction to the weather before politely saying, “What do you think then? I’m perfectly happy to go along with whatever you want to do”

The conversation batted backwards and forwards in that polite way of near strangers before we decided it was a bit extreme for a two hour walk and we would drive back to Darwen and walk the dogs on the playing fields if it had eased up a bit by then.

THANK GOD!!!!!  It was vicious weather!!

We did manage a twenty minute amble, or more accurately, trudge, through the soggy fields as the rain had slowed to a torrential downpour and we thought it would be a sham if the dogs didn’t get a walk.  Oh, the times I have laughed my socks off at dog walkers in the pouring rain and said sarcastically, “ooohh, how I wish I had a dog so I could walk in pouring the pouring rain and howling gales.”

Serves me bloody right, what goes around comes around, as they say.


Baby E got her first school report. As I have suspected all along, the child is a genius.  She made me laugh last week though while C was having her dance lesson and I as normal was watching the baby.   Being a dance studio, well actually not so much a dance studio as a church hall with a bit of added glamour to temper the Methodist austerity, it has mirrors  on just about every wall.

I was holding the baby up to look at her reflection and she had great fun pointing to two Nanny’s and two babies. The real fun for me  came when she decided she wanted to kiss Nanny, not the real one, the one in the mirror.  She puckered up and went in for the full on, slobbery, smackeroony.

Of course as she got closer she ended up kissing her own reflection. Her little confused face was a picture.  In she went again for another go. Again she kissed her opposite in the mirror. Time and time again she tried. I could see her trying to work it out, changing the angle of attack, twisting sideways, doing it quickly to try and trick the other baby into keeping out of the way. The game only ended when my legs were in danger of buckling through laughing so hard and I had to put her down.  You have to love little kids!



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