Anit! Anit!

Walking in the park the other day with the baby, we stopped for a moment or two next to the stream so she could watch the water gurgling over the rocks.

“Wat-er! Wat-er!,” she repeated away happily and then something caught her eye in the bushes across the water.  All of a sudden she became very animated and excited.  “Anit! Anit! Anit!”   she shouted over and over again as she pointed into the bushes.

‘Anit?   Hang on, I know that one. Think! Anit, uummmmm.  Oh, what is it?”

Then she gave me a huge clue by waving her arm in front of her face, judging by the look on her face she was obviously thinking I was a bit dim not knowing what an Anit was, everyone knows that.

‘Waving arm in front of face? Anit?  Got it!!!! Elephant!!!

Elephant? In the trees in the park in Darwen?  Still the baby was bouncing up and down convinced that she’d seen and elephant, and who am I to disillusion her?

Elephant it is then.   It must have moved on shortly after that becasue she lost interest and went back to throwing pebbles (No, not the cat) into the stream.

I never did find out what it really was.

In the hospital the other day just after B got his good news about his biopsy and we were both feeling a bit shaky and overwrought, we popped into the cafe for a nice calming cuppa.  Standing at the counter, still fighting back the tears of relief, B asked me if I’d like a mental sandwich.

“A what?”

” A mental sandwich. Look, you can have a mental ham sandwich instead if you like.”

Taking a closer look, peering at it with my tongue stuck out and my eyes screwed up ( I really must remember to take my reading glasses out with me)  I managed to make out what it said.

‘Emmental Sandwich.’

Aaahh, they joys of getting older.

Over 50

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