Rainy July

It’s rained this month. A lot. Waking up to yet another miserable day this morning and faced with the prospect of having to do a years worth of accounts all at once, I was less than thrilled at the thought of the day ahead.

After a frustrating morning’s book keeping ( made worse because there’s no one to blame but myself), I took poochie out for a walk and got drenched yet again. Today though I took my headphones with me and mentally practised my dance routines as I listened to wonderful latin rhythms. It’s hard to be pi55ed off when you’re listening to a lovely bouncy, sunny samba. Any other walkers in the vicinity, although I didn’t spot any, might have been amused at the occasional samba walk or lock step that I threw in for good measure.

The afternoon’s work progressed much more smoothly and by evening the sun had decided to put in an appearance!! Yay!!  That was my cue to get in the garden and tidy it up a bit. We were treated to a lovely, golden, turning to red sunset. I ran in to grab my camera, shoot a few  frames and have some contra jour fun before it disappeared.

You know, you don’t mind a bit of rain when the consolation prize is evenings like tonight.

Spider enjoying the evening sun
sunlight through grass
Evening sunlight through leaves
Evening sunlight through grass

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