Social Networking

I’ve been catching up on my business Facebooking, photography blogging  and Twittering all morning. Apparently it’s the best way to ‘grow’ your business.   Can’t say that I’ve noticed anything change except my workload. I spend all my bleeding time on various websites schmoozing my virtual clients.  The cleaners thinks I’m addicted to my computer.  Oh, if only she knew.

This site, incidentally, I do because I want to not because I feel I should. This is where I can rant, say what I really mean (even if you don’t always like it) and generally let off steam.

I’ve been having a look through the pics from yesterday’s disastrous photo shoot with baby E. Actually not as disastrous as I thought. here are a couple of photos from it:

Baby Brown Eyes
Flower Baby

Doesn’t it all look easy and peaceful?  Here was what it was really like:

Sit down
Don't want to sit down!
No, nope, no, out, out, out
Copy what mummy does
You said copy what Mummy does!
Lets do headstands!

Ah well,  they do say never work with children and animals, don’t they. I never knew I had the patience of Job ( I haven’t – I just held it in well!). Still it was worth it for the couple of lovely photos we did manage to get.


2 thoughts on “Social Networking”

  1. Wow, what beautiful photos, I know she is my great niece (?) and I am completely bias but she is a stunning baby.

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