Strolling – and a few random photos

Yesrday morning I had to go and see one of my brides who it turns out is incapable of looking at photos of herself without being hyper critical. AS a size 6/8 she hardly qualifies as fat but every time she saw a photo of her bare arm (not just her arm – that would be weird) she hollers, “ooohh look how fat my arms are.”   If her head wasn’t at exactly the correct angle then it was ” Can you photoshop my nose, it’s just awful.”  I think she may have some body issues that need addressing.

On top of all that she’s obviously a fussy mare who likes everything just so. Her new MIL had the audacity to change her shoes at the wedding reception and then pose for a photo  in the wrong shoes!!!! Quelle horreur!!!  I’ve been asked if I could photoshop the correct shoes back in.  I may have tactfully suggested at this point that she get herself a life.

After spending an hour and a half with the bride and suggesting that the album won’t be properly balanced if there are only photos of her groom in it (she loves all his photos)  I left with a notebook full of instructions on how to create her album. The words:’grandmother’ and ‘eggs’  sprang to mind but I kept my cool and let her rant on.  Tsk I don;t know about never working with animals or children, it’s ingenues that are difficult!!

A 40 minute drive back up the motorway with Paulo Nutini blasting from the speakers restored my spirits tremendously so I arrived to take poochie and the clingons for a walk in a cheery mood despite the rain. Gembolina decided to come along as well so it was a nice afternoons amble through the woods and over the golf course. Even the rain stayed away.  Here are a few random photos for you from yesterday.  A couple of  them might need a bit of explanation.

Where we work is a site with industrial units. The chap in one of the units decided to buy himself a boat and keep it on the car park while he restored it. It has since been the source of much merriment. Would you want to set sail in it?

Boat skeleton
Yo ho ho and a bottle o' rum

He had no idea it was going to be such a big job. What was going to be a refurbishment job has turned out to be a complete rebuild. He could have bought a new boat cheaper.  In the meantime though, it gives passers by something to gawp at.

So. Amble, amble, amble, up hill and down dale, across farmland and through the woods, we had a lovely walk yesterday. Poor Dangerous  D was exhausted when we’d finished, she isn’t used to walking that kind of distance. Why do we call her Dangerous D?  Because she is closely related Major Claim and General Accident, a more accident prone child I have yet to meet.  I really hope she grows out of it

Thistly thing

They say round here that if you can see Darwen Tower it’s going to rain. If you can’t see it it is raining.  Well, here’s a photo of Darwen Tower from Blacksnape.

I was pi55ed wet through, so was the dog, what a great walk, it really blew the cobwebs away.

Some of my girls

DD, Gembolina and L climbing a a random wall we found in the middle of nowhere.

Lomo app hydrangea

I used the lomo app again!!  I think I’m in sever danger of overusing it,  Hydrangeas are gorgeous but I thought it looked even more gorgeous with the lomo treatment.


This is one of the little foals in the field next to the house. They are so gorgeous. I don’t think this one realised this isn’t how horses generally sit.

Darwen golf course

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