You’re less interesting than a dog treat

‘Gee, thanks for that’, I thought as I walked round and round the circuit at the dog club trying to get the poochie to walk to heel. She does it beautifully till she gets her gnashers round the treat (and usually my finger), then she’s off like a whippet and no amount of “Heel, heel HEEL!!” will get her back until another treat appears.

So much for my new career as a dog whisperer.

Have you noticed I’ve been a bit lax on the blogging front this week. No? Tsk. That’s because it’s less interesting than……..

Actually, it’s because suddenly the world has speeded up and I can’t keep up with it all. Yesterday Boofuls and me went to a BIPP seminar in Warrington.  On the last minute as normal, we made a small detour into the drive through Maccie D’s at Lymm services for a sawdust burger and salty fries. We forced the, laughingly called, food down our throats and swigged out of bottles of orange juice rather than stop for a proper lunch so we could get there at the appointed time, 12.30 pm.

Walking in at exactly 12.30 we appeared to be the only people there apart from the committee and sponsors. “Have I got this wrong, are we early?” I asked.   “No, it’s just a bit quiet yet, plenty of time.”

Eventually a few other people came in and the seminar got started.  After the fist half hour I’d lost the will to live. The chairs were hard and uncomfortable and I kept shifting about in my seat trying to get comfortable and also trying not to take a swing at the smart Alec who seemed to be intent on asking stupid and irrelevant questions in between bouts of pedantry and obnoxiousness. I’d clocked this guy on the way in because of his body language, and he performed exactly as I thought he might. Fool.  What’s the point of paying to see an expert if all you’re going to do is argue the toss with them on every issue.

After the coffee break we settled in for the second part which was brilliant. I have learnt so much about marketing and presentation within my own industry. It was so valuable!!  Of course I’ve been doing it all as wrong as it’s possible to get, up until now.  No wonder I’m not a millionaire………yet.  I’ve started making the changes already and I’m really excited by it. Isn’t it funny how obvious things are when they are pointed out to you?

I can hear you thinking it;  ‘Oh yes, she got whipped into a frenzy by a marketing guru, it’ll all come to nowt.’  Well, actually, the couple  who delivered the seminar are photographers who have successfully run their business for years and are happy to encourage others as well as give some helpful advice, and I for one was very grateful.

Anyway, blah, blah…. it was fab. However it didn’t finish till 10pm then it took us 40 minutes to get home.  N had made us a shepherds pie for tea and I don’t think he was too impressed that we weren’t there to eat it. We had it tonight instead though and it was gorgeous. I’m not sure he was totally truthful when he told me he’d only put a tiny bit of butter in the mash.  Hhhmm, who’s definition of tiny, I wonder?

Of course I had so much running through my mind that I  was awake all night  and  felt like I’d  only got about three hours sleep.

At our dance lesson this morning I need two cups of coffee just to get me going.  We did a  quick run through of the samba and then on to cha cha cha.  Boofuls and our teacher found it highly amusing that I had forgotten a very simple step and couldn’t get it right for the life of me. I was concentrating so hard that my tongue was stuck out for  a good half of  the lesson. Not elegant I know but a surprisingly good aid to concentration (??!!).

A change of music soon sorted it out. None of this poncy, orchestrated, string music pretending to be a latin rhythm for me. Give me a good, solid, earthy, sexy, latin beat and I’ll swing my tushi with the best of ’em.  What a fantastic way to start the day!!  You can’t help but be in a good mood after that.

We are apparently going to have meteor showers tonight so I’m going to get some warm clothes on and get outside for a look.  Let’s hope the clouds stay away long enough for us to see something.


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