Trumpet tooting time

That’d be my own trumpet. I’m feeling a bit pleased with my little self at the moment because this magazine dropped through my letterbox the other day:

BBe Inspired

Hang on a minute, I thought. That’s one of my photos on the front cover!  I’d forgotten about that.  Taking a quick flick through it, looking for my own pictures of course, I soon came across this page and felt even more pleased with myself.  Full page!!!!

Whalley Abbey

Ok, I know it’s not Italian Vogue, but it’s a start!

Waking up this morning to yet another gloomy sky I felt my heart sink before I even got out of bed. That’s  no way to start the day, is it?  It’s August for God’s sake, a bit of sunshine in August shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Me and one of the clingons went for a walk in the soggy woods yesterday with poochie. It’s fair to say that I’m getting well and truly fed up with rain. We still had fun though, here are a couple of photos  from the walk.

Looking towards Darwen
Upright and upside down

Sorry.  It’s that lomo app again, I can’t leave it alone!  It’s the same with the ‘ ! ‘ key, I can’t seem to leave that alone either!!!

Autumn leaves?

We were walking down through the woods, listening to Reel Big Fish on my phone whule I tried to  cough over all the swear words so my granddaughter wouldn’t be corrupted. It would have been ok if I’d casught them all but I did miss quite a few. “Oh Nanny,” “I’ve heard far worse than that, what are you worried about?”

Anyway,  ambling through the woods, we saw this tree. “Oh look, that’s pretty,” I said before realising that it was pretty  because the leaves are turning.  Whaaaaaattt?? Bloody hell!  We haven’t had our summer yet. Get away with your autumn leaves and come back in October when it’s time (Ok, September isn’t unreasonable but we haven’t had summer yet, fair do’s).


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