Limping on both feet?

How does that work, then? Well, let me tell you it’s hard work walking when you’re limping on both feet. Everything was fine when I went to bed.

Due to the fact that several glasses of red wine managed to find their way into my system last night I ended up with the most horrendous cramp  in my left leg at stupid o’clock this morning. My screams must have echoed round the whole neighbourhood. The neighbours will either have thought I was being murdered or that B’s bedroom prowess was more than impressive.  He’s planning on letting the neighbours think  that it was the latter.

That accounts for limp number one. Limp number two is a recurrence of something that happened a few months ago, for whatever reason the heel of my right foot is extremely painful and I can’t put any weight on it at all.Boofuls has had this condition , known as plantar fasciitis, for a while now so the pair of us will be hobbling about like a couple of old crocs. Hopefully it’ll clear up after a few days as it did last time. Of course, limping on both feet means that I’m rolling around like a Weeble, tres attractive!

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C and B had a baby free night last night so they came up for a bite to eat and a few drinkies while we all moaned about the Friday from hell. I don’t think any one of us had a decent day yesterday. At least it ended well.  Mr Sainsbury made us a very nice Indian meal for 4 while Boofuls had his usual sweet and sour chicken. That and a few drinkies perked everyone up tremendously. We have to do it all again tonight though as we have people coming for dinner. At this point I am kind of regretting that ‘end of the evening’  g & t. Nice as it was. I think it might be a dryish night tonight.

It’s getting a bit cumbersome referring to everyone by their initials so I’ve decided that everyone will get a nom de plume courtesy of me. C’s beau will from now on be known as ‘machine gun’ due to his rapid fire way of talking. I haven’t thought of anything for C yet, but I will.

So, where have I been all week? What do you mean, have I been away? Cheek.

In major computer failage is where I’ve been all week. So much work to do and the graphics card decided to give up the ghost. The chappie who  Boofuls ordered a new one from sent the wrong out so of course  so that had to go back which delayed things by another two days. After the first couple of days of pure frustration at not being able to get any work done I just resigned myself to it and got on with other things which included a studio revamp.


Talking of ghosts:  Yesterday morning I was snoozing away in my bed when I heard Boofuls calling me. He called me twice, the second time a little bit more insistent that the first. I opened a weary eye to discover that he wasn’t in bed next to me. “Funny’, I thought. “Maybe he’s been taken ill or something’ so I got up and went to investigate.  he wasn’t in the bathroom so I trotted downstairs to fine him sat on his usual perch, the computer, playing solitaire.  “Did you call me?”

He looked at me like I’d gone mad and said he’d been sat  there for ages.

How peculiar.

The voice was so clear,  I’d have sworn it was him calling me.  The last time that happened was 25 years ago when the boys were spending the weekend with their Dad and I was in the house alone. Fast asleep, I heard my brother calling me my name. It was so clear that I answered him and went on to the landing to talk to him. Of course there was no one there. The ghostly voice had however  had got me up in time to get to work without being late as I would have been otherwise.  Spooky, much.


Some shifty looking bloke who claimed to be a photographer turned up on Gembolina’s doorstep the other day. His opening gambit was: “Have you got young children?   which took her aback a bit, rapidly followed by, “Can I photograph them?.”  He  then thrust a leaflet into her hands explaining that she could pay on the never – never.  She told him she wasn’t interested as her MIL was a photographer.  Obviously that was the wrong response, he promptly snatched the leaflet back out of her hands and walked off. Classy. Sounds a bit like ‘Photos by Uncle Paedi’ to me. A lesson in how not to market your business.

Ok. Time to go and catch up on some work.  Back later


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