Summer School

This week I’ve been teaching a children’s  digital photography and photoshop course at the library. Amazingly, four out of the ten kids who turned up on the first day are students from last year. Wow!  They must have enjoyed it – yay!!

By today 4 of the ten had dropped out – a brother and sister who looked terrified and refused to speak to me, a child with learning difficulties who it was waaaaaaaay too advanced for and a young lad who just wanted to take photos of other people’s photos. After we’d had the plagiarism  and copyright chat a few times he left feeling like a pig that had been castrated ie. disgruntled.

I’m not saying they’re keen or anything but as it was getting towards the end of the session this afternoon I heard one of them complain,” Aaawww, we’ve only got 40 minutes left till we have to go.”  I felt a huge smile spreading across my face as I heard it. It’s nice to know they are enjoying the classes and getting something from them.

Today’s lesson was in extreme manipulation – something my daughter is very good at but not necessarily in Photoshop (sorry, darling!!!)  The object of the exercise was to get them experimentig with all the different tools and filters. They were turning out work along the lines of this:


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