Happy Thursday!

Not really, I’m just trying to convince myself that it is after a long and stressful day without even my normal Thursday dance lesson to cheer me up for the rest of the day.

Bigwigs were due to visit at work today. These particular wigs were so big that they blocked out the sunlight and they came on a mission. Not the friendliest of missions, everyone was a bit scared of what might be said as a lot was hanging in the balance as a result of it.  The meeting room/canteen was hastily given a 60 minute makeover by yours truly, aka Wonder Woman.  The boardroom table was cleared of old copies of the Daily Sport that certain staff members  like to keep in order to refer to their favourite photos in the back issues. The ledges were cleared, plants strategically placed and clutter was hidden in every available orifice.

The same operation was carried out in the main office. It’s going to take the staff weeks and weeks before they  able to operate  without having to stop and ask, ‘does anyone know where the ……is?’  I’d suggest try the spare drawers in P’s desk. It’s amazing how much you can fit in a desk drawer when you really try.

So I know you’re dying to ask how it went. It went well. What the staff lack in terms of  housekeeping and tidying up skills it more than makes up for in the ‘getting the job out the door’ skills. Well done to all concerned, especially  to Pitstop. Didn’t know you could move that fast!

Have you ever tried doing a job with one hand tied behind your back? that’s been a bit like what it’s been like  in my class today. I’ve been trying to teach Photoshop on version 5.5 for God’s sake.  5.5!!  That’s about a gazillion years old. The printer wouldn’t print, the files wouldn’t open, the students were brilliant and cheerfully accepted alternate routes to getting things done.

All except one little girl who I thought was going to cry. She had an amazing photograph that she wanted to use  –  we could see it, we could run it as part of a slideshow. Could we open it?  Could we hell.  We tried everything we could think of. Even our resident techie couldn’t get the sodding thing to open. How frustrating.

By the time I was driving home this evening my poor brain was frazzled with constantly having to quickly come up withy contingency plans. I don’t know about going out to the dog club tonight, all I really want to do is put my feet up and have a couple of large g & t’s.

Boofuls is having a lot of dental work done. Oh dear Lord, that’s expensive!!  Apart from the monetary cost there is of course also the cost in terms of time and trauma while sat in the dentist’s chair.  Boofuls has never been a big fan of the dentist, that’s why he’s having to have so much work done now but he was obviously in a buying frenzy when the dentist was telling him all the treatments that were available. Either  that or it was a case of he’d agree to anything just to get out of the chair.  Whatever the case, the poor chap is in for bridge work, a new crown and while he was going so far, decided that  as part of the process he might as well get  his teeth whitened. A move I wholeheartedly approved of because years have smoking have certainly taken their toll on his peggies.

If you’ve never had your teeth whitened then I suggest you stop reading now. It turns out to be a very unpleasant and quite painful process. After his final treatment on Tuesday he spent the whole evening suffering electric shock type pains through his mouth.  Putting all that aside though I have to tell you he now has the most amazing set of pearly whites, talk about a Hollywood smile. he comes with his own ring of confidence!

Hollywood Smile

On a completely different note: I phoned the council yesterday to arrange to get our septic tank emptied.  The girl who answered the phone was terribly nice. I told her what i wanted and she said,”What’s a septic tank?”  “Really? You don’t know what a septic tank is?”  said I in amazement.

“Well, it’s basically a great big tank of poo at the bottom of the garden,”

Stunned silence followed by a stifled giggle.  “I’ll put you through now, madam.”


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