Stop the world- I wanna get off!!!

We had Sunday off work. Aaaaaaahhh. It was lovely not to have nothing to do – so that’s what we did- nothing. Lounging around watching telly and relaxing.  I must have been tired, that’s not my style at all, normally I’m like Tigger on speed.

As much as I’d have like to spend this week filling little pots again I have my own business to run so I’ve decided to leave them to it. Monday morning was spent on album design and Monday afternoon as normal on baby sitting.

It was an odd one this week because Baby Bunting was ill with an upset stomach and had been vomiting like something off ‘The Exorcist’  not with the whole head twirly round thing as well, you understand. It that instance she  would really have been possessed  –  and it would have been a lot harder to deal with no, it was just projectile vomit and lots of it.

By the time I picked her up she had stopped vomiting but was pale and not at all herself.  Setting off for home from the factory I strapped her into her car seat while holding my car keys in my left hand. I couldn’t do up the straps with my hands full so I dropped the keys onto the front passenger seat. Un-noticed by me they’d locked the car. The point that I noticed was when I finished strapping the baby in and closed the door. ‘Funny,’ I thought, ‘the door lock button is……….SHIIIIIIT!’

At this point I felt my own wave of nausea as I realised the baby was locked in the car with the keys. Baby sat there smiling at me while I frantically tried all the doors. I don’t know why I tried all the doors, I could see they were locked. Next I strolled casually though to Booful’s  office so that C (baby’s mum)wouldn’t  panic.

“Got a bit of an issue outside, Boofuls.”

Boofuls came and tried to get in the car,  two young lads on a  motorbike tried to get in it ( I’d have put money on them being able to get in), The chap from the unit round the corner came as well. I dashed to see the 4wd specialist in one of the other units to see if he could help.  One chap who happened to be there at the time cheerfully shouted, “smash the windows!”  Hhmmm bit of a last resort with a baby in the car, that.

All attempts to get in the car failed, I was starting to think the window would have to go through.

By this time C had noticed the kerfuffle, the air of us were practically doing a song and dance routine to keep the baby amused while everyone else stuck screwdrivers and other paraphenalia into keyholes and such.

Just as Boofuls remembered there was a spare key at home, a couple of bigwigs turned up to do a spot check on the pot filling job. Oh crap crappity crap!  Could this day get any better? Boofuls, told them they’d have to wait while he went home for the key.

I’m not sure but I think he may have broken a speed limit or two on his journey because he was back with the spare key in record time, baby was released, Mum gave her a big hug, Nanny almost collapsed with relief.

And the moral of the story is: Keep your car keys about your person till it’s time to start the car!


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