Mrs Fussyknickers

I’m sitting here with my eyeballs bleeding after spending the whole morning finishing off the total redesign of Mrs Fussyknickers’ album.  Now she’s dithering about the cover, in spite of my recommendations. She just wants me to get samples of all 50 fooking covers so she can see for herself. It’s seriously getting on my nerves now that she’s such a control freak and clearly doesn’t trust my judgement. Why did you  pick me to do the job then ya silly mare?  You need to trust the professionals you employ or you might as well do it yourself.

Ok, rant over. It’s just that I hate doing a job twice and specially when the rework is inferior to the original. GGggggrrrrrrrr.

The new, drastic diet started today: milk shake yum yum yum.   I”M STARVING!!!  No wonder I’m crabby, I’d better keep out of everyone’s way today  – although I did say I’d go and help out at the factory when I’d finished my work here. Even grabbing the dog and walking off some tension isn’t looking good as it’s pouring down and has been all morning. That and the 50 mile an hour winds aren’t exactly enticing me outdoors. Shame really, a walk in the woods never fails to cheer me up. Think I might do it anyway. Even I don’t want to be around me today!!

Our pre holiday holiday starts next week courtesy of airmiles. On Tuesday we’ll be jetting off to St Lucia for a week, it’s not really a holiday though, it’s to go and see the wedding planner and make all the arrangements for our renewal of vows ceremony. When we get back then we’ll have three weeks at home before sailing off into the sunset on our proper holiday. Wish we could that every year, wouldn’t it be great; wall to wall holidays. Mind you, we’re so knackered after all the pot filling that we’ll probably be comatose all the time we’re there and not see or do anything.

Oh well, break time over. NEXT JOB, PLEASE!!!!!  See ya soon.


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