Even better

It’s finally here, holiday time!

Big  N has been given all his instructions: no parties, no dirty women, don’t drink all the alcohol, clean up occasionally and don’t forget that cats have stomachs, bladders and bowels as well so will need a bit of attention now and again.

No factory for me today so I can finally get on with packing and getting in the holiday mood. AND to make it even better, it’s pouring down with rain and as miserable as sin. Hehehee I bet it’s not raining in the Caribbean.

So, will you miss me when I’ve gone? I’m not taking a phone or laptop so there’ll be no blogging or facebooking while I’m away. This holiday is just for me and Boofuls.  I will though be taking a journal with me. I do love my journal, so I can fill you in on the interesting stuff when we get back.

So, have a nice week, see you in a week or so. ‘BYE, ‘BYE, ‘BYE


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