Can I go back on holiday please?

I’m going to completely gloss over all the horrible events of this week since we came back from our hols and tell you about the nice stuff  – hang on while I think of something……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

*scratches head*

Ok, I give in.  there is nothing.

I’ll post a few more holiday photos instead.


Oh yes, the segways. We LOVED them!!!  So much so that we went on them twice.  If I’m honest I was a bit nervous at first  because I couldn’t see how you could stay on and steer  it without having the balance of an acrobat. I soon discovered that they are a piece of cake to ride and intuitive to the point of mind reading.  My logical brain tells me  that  the gyroscopes are reacting to tiny shifts in weight, my fanciful mind is soooo impressed that it knows were I want to go as soon as I think it – and then just does it!!!

Our guides, Shanga and Gill, took us up into the trail in the forest and showed us the sights most people don’t get to see. Shanga, is a goldmine of information about the medicinal and culinary uses for all the plants he pointed out along the way. They took  us to a small clearing where Gill had prepared fruit and drinks for us. It was just about perfect.  Shanga took a machete to a coconut and then handed it to us to drink the juice and it was delicious. Absolutely what we needed after  a hard trek through the jungle,

St Lucia

Ha!! Who am I trying to kid, it was just pure Fun with a capital ‘F’.  Do you like the view of St Lucia?

Hard Wok

I laughed my little socks off when I saw this. Hard Wok!!!!!  I wasn’t sure if it was a Chinese restaurant or not.

Just next door to this was a coffee shop that was the identical twin of Starbucks.  So funny. Good coffee though.

subtle sunset

Yet another photo from the balcony. This was the evening that I discovered that champagne (sparkling wine) was included on the all inclusive tariff.  the previous evening there had been an amazing sunset so we grabbed a couple of glasses of bubbly and sat on our balcony to enjoy the show.

The sunset was not as spectacular as the night before but so much more interesting. It was a gorgeous combination of blue grey and shades of apricot. Every now and then the clouds would part to give tantalising glimpses of fantasy lands beyond.  Through the windows in the clouds we could see lakes and rolling hills, trees, swaps and exotic bays.

Looking away, even for a second, broke the spell and the magical scene that was so clear only seconds before was gone forever.  It reminded me of the song “Trick of the Tail” by Genesis, one of my favourite albums of all times (yes, I know that makes me a geek).

Have a listen and close your eyes to see if you can imaging the towers of gold:

Pigeon Island, Atlantic side

We took a ride out to Pigeon Island. The local street vendors were arguing amongst themselves about who got the first go at harassing the tourists. We thought one chap was going to get clobbered round the ear with a conch shell. Once it had all calmed down we managed to have a look round and I bought a fabulous batik dress, perfect for the weather. I’ve washed it since and it has turned everything it was washed with a manky yellow, the dress still looks great though!

Pigeon Island

Later, back on the balcony…

St Lucia sunset
Sea, sunset, yacht

One day we went into Castries on the local bus to go and find Boofuls a wedding shirt. Usually the tourists are encouraged to use the taxis but at $20 US we thought it was a bit steep compared to the $4.50 EC the bus cost(about $1.5 US).  I’d rather us local transport anyway, I mean, how can you get a feel for a place if you never interact with it in any way?  The bus was packed to capacity and manic merengue music blared from the radio all the way into Castries. I was fascinated by the hairstyles sported by the other passengers. Dreadlocks or very short for the men, amazingly intricate and totally unique braided styles that must take hours and hours to create for the women.  Well, for the ones who hadn’t forced it into being poker straight and dyed it blonde, that is. My own opinion is that it’s a difficult look to do well, ebony skin, dark brown eyes and  goldilocks blonde  hair but some of these women certainly gave it their best shot.

Travelling on the local bus  was certainly an experience and great fun, far better than the tourist taxi.

We walked round in heat that was hotter than hell and humidity that had the sweat dripping off the ends of our noses for a couple for hours, skipping from shade to shade. When I say skipping, I really mean plodding as we didn’t have the energy for any more than that.  We eventually found the perfect shirt – and it was too small!!! Aaaaaarrrgggh. It’s turning into a real issue, this sodding shirt!

We gave in eventually  and went for lunch in a nice harbour side cafe. As we sat and tried to catch every little breath of cooling breeze, we noticed the sky begin to darken out over the sea.

Then we noticed it start to move inland.

“I think it’s going to rain soon,” I said.

Rain? That’s the understatement of the century.

Heave down huge great amounts of lukewarm water is more like it. I was tempted to start ripping apart the bar and build an ark.  We could see people in the twon centre sheltering under canopies and in doorways as the rain came down like a monsoon.  We made our lunch last as long as we possible could before reluctantly deciding that we could stay any longer as the owner was starting to look repeatedly at us and than at his watch.

Nothing else for it then, we paddled out onto the road, trying to stay under various canopies as much as possible. We had been amazed at how much it had rained in the last hour but to be honest  even we didn’t expect to see this:

Flash floods
flash floods

Luckily a taxi pulled up right next to us to let someone out so we jumped straight in with instructions to the driver to get the hell out of there. Yeah, yeah, I know. ‘What happened to interacting with the place?’ I was Mrs Wet Tee Shirt, soggy, cold and not a clue where the bus stop was or when the next bus  was due, that’s what.

Amazingly, half an hour away in Rodney Bay it had hardly rained at all. We went for a swim in the sea while it rained gently on us and had a lovely time.


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