Going through the archives

Tomorrow is a big scary day, I have to go to Chester to have my photography assessed by A BIPP mentor.

Suddenly I can’t find a single photo I’ve taken that I like!

I quite liked quite a lot of them before, I’m sure I’ll like them again after –  but right now, when I’m going through them for critique, I’ve decided that they are all utter crap.

Not that I’m nervous about it or anything (she lied through her teeth).

I’ve put them into three categories: weddings, babies and personal work. The idea is, I think that  they take a look through and tell you which is your strongest work and how to build on and improve what you’re doing. All good stuff but still scary. I’ll be glad when it’s all over. Tell me again why I thought it was a good idea to put myself in for this?

I did cross my mind that since Chester is a bugger to park in I might go on the train as the station is directly across the road from where the assessments are being carried out.  £22, not bad, not much more than petrol and parking and priceless in terms of stress reduction. Let’s have a look at the journey time. Two and a half hours??!!  Two changes??!!  Sod that, I’ll drive. It should take just over an hour if the roads are clear.

Wish me luck.


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