Best parenting ever?

Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room waiting for my turn at the well woman clinic, I was, as normal whiling away the time and entertaining myself by people watching. There was plenty to watch as it was late afternoon so the place was packed full of people of all ages.

My attention was drawn to a family that consisted of Mum, small baby, grandma, bigger baby and toddler.  The toddler and bigger baby were both in a twin buggy, one of those copulating frog formations where one sits behind the other.  They caught my attention because there seemed to be a louder than normal amount of noise coming from their part of the room, clearly separate from the general cacophany.

The toddler in the front of the buggy had a lollipop, sitting sideways in the pram so his younger, lollipop free brother could get a good look at what he’d been denied . The toddler  was clearly delighting in having the advantage. The younger child of course displayed his displeasure as babies do – by screaming loud and long.

Eventually grandma stepped into the fray; “Shuddup! Yer can’d ‘ave it!   You.  Turn round and stop teasing yer brother.”

You’ll never guess what happened next.

Of course you will.

The screaming intensified in both pitch and volume, which prompted grandma to step in again.

“I’m gonna kick yer arse ( in this instance the ‘a’ in arse is the same as the ‘a’ in apple, not  as in art) if yer don’d shuddup.   Right!  Yer can ‘ave one lick.”

With that she snatched the lolly from the older child who then joined in the screaming and gave the younger one ONE LICK of the lolly before handing it back.

I braced myself for the aural onslaught as it was apparent to me, if not grandma, that  all hell was about to break loose.

In my whole life I’ve never been so pleased to see a nurse come and take me off to a treatment room for nasty and intrusive procedures.

Far be it from me to cast the first stone when it comes to parenting, God knows I’ve made enough mistakes to fill a ‘how not to’ manual but please, a bit of common sense would have prevented about 50 people going home with earache and a lot of distress for one little boy.  Tsk.


One thought on “Best parenting ever?”

  1. When I see Dear Son (15) loudly slurping “Dear Daughter” (12)’s chocolate yoghurt and telling her ‘it’s for everybody”, whilst she slants her eyes at him with repressed rage, I realise that it doesn’t end when they stop using pushchairs!! Excellent post, as usual!

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