I think it’s fair to say there is a sense of excitement in the air.

We had a family conference over dinner last night.  It was the big planning meeting in preparation for our big holiday next week. OH! Did I just say next week? Hold on a moment while I explode with childish excitement.


Ok, I’m back.

Big N did the cooking, Boofuls appointed himself chairperson and tried his best to keep order while the rest of us giggled, got very drunk and generally buggered about.  All that is except for C who tried her best but is still really ill from her kidney infection and sat pale faced and quiet all evening.  Pool lamby.  She probably won’t need to dress up for the halloween fancy dress party on board, she already looks like  Marley’s ghost with her chalk white face and dark circles under her eyes.

Eventually Boofuls did mange to call us to order and we decided who wanted to go on which trip where and who with. Funny, I couldn’t get any takers to join me on the 7 hour hike.

Dinner consisted of Neil’s home made burgers and potato wedges along with ridiculous amounts of  wine. So much for my plan to keep to the tonic water. I might be paying for it now though.  I do have one unanswered question from last night though.  How on earth did my knickers end up on the bathroom floor?  I do hope it was after everyone had left.

Yesterday was fun, mostly. Big N needed a new dinner suit  so after work we swanned off into nearby Bigtown for a look in the sales.  In a move not dissimilar to mine the day before he swept through the rails of clothing, squealing with delight (not really – Big N doesn’t do public shows of  anything, I should call him Mr Inscrutable as he never gives anything away).   As he tried the items on he came out of the changing room to get the thumbs up or not. Modelling one fetching ensemble of shorts and formal shirt I declared the shorts to be a thumbs up but the shirt : “Oh no. that shirt’s awful, I don’t like that AT ALL, get shut of that.”

He looked at me for a second with a perplexed look on his face trying to decide if I was joking or not then, deciding that I wasn’t, he answered stonily, “Actually, this is my shirt.”  Oops. Foot in mouth syndrome attacks again.

So… moving swiftly on.

The plan for today is to go up to my sister’s new house so Boofuls can plumb in her washing machine. I hope it doesn’t involve too much bending for him because if his head is as woozy as mine it won’t be  a pleasant experience.  Now, where are those Alka Seltzer?   When will I ever learn?


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