I thought weekends were for relaxing..?

It’s been so busy this weekend, we’ve been running round like blue arsed flies. Friday night you already know about. I’m still recovering from that one!

Saturday we spent scrounging furniture and delivering it to someone we know who’s world fell out their bottom recently.  You’ll be glad to now thought that they now have a proper bed to sleep on and not just a blow up airbed that deflated every night meaning that they were effectively sleeping on a plastic sheet.

Now all we need to find is bedding, lamps, coffee tables, towels, clothes (yup, clothes) curtains and general everyday house stuff that you don’t  know you need till you need it and there will be a grave danger that this new emergency  house will start looking and feeling like a home.  Many, many thanks to those (and you know who you are) who have pulled out all the stops to help a person in dire need. They, and I, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday we did a wedding fayre at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel. We couldn’t even set up the display until half an hour before it was due to open as hotel guests were still having their breakfast in the room we’d been allocated.  That caused a bit of drama, ‘specially for the woman with the huge……….wedding cakes (haha, got ya!)

After a moan and rant about the  dark, hidden behind the door corner we’d been put in we quickly set up the display and had one of the busiest days ever!!   People were coming in and turning left to us instead of going up into the main room, it was brilliant!  Neither me not Boofuls had chance to draw breath all day long, lets hope it all converts into lots of bookings for next year.

Once we’d finished work and got home I set to in the kitchen to make C and Machinegun a nice roast dinner. C’s  finally starting to mend, she still looks like Marley’s ghost but definitely on the mend and I thought it was time she got a good meal inside her. It was darned good, even if I do say so myself.  Red pepper, butternut squash and cream cheese soup followed by roast chicken, roasties and a mountain of veg and then chocolate torte with cinder toffee ice cream.

The plan for today (isn’t this a really boring post) is to finally get together with bezzy mate and catch up on the gossip. Work is winding down for me now( Ha! Famous last words!) and I want to get all my last minute jobs and packing done without all the stress we had last time so I don’t end up on this most important holiday as frazzled and brittle as a piece of burnt bacon like I did last time.

Bearing that in mind, I’d better get moving and go and throw myself in the shower as I have a  major studio tidy up to do before giving bezzy mate the inspection tour. She hasn’t seen it since it was revamped.

Have  a nice day y’all!


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