It’s today!!!

After much arse kicking, moaning, cajoling and organising we are now ready to set off on our big adventure.

Just in case you’re the only person on the planet I haven’t told – this is the big family holiday during which me and Boofuls are going to once again plight our troth to each other.

Bezzie mate and hubby are moving in and  have been given strict instructions on how best to treat the cats in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed. Mrs Woofy is staying with her bezzie mate Ms Yappy, who belongs to our next door neighbour so she’s on familiar turf.

The cases are packed, weighed, contents juggled around to keep them all within weight limits and all stacked up ready for loading in the minibus to the airport.

Paperwork checked, double checked and triple checked by both of us.

All we need to do now is a couple of last minute jobs and we’re off!

C and me treated ourselves to a bit of pampering yesterday. Did I say pampering? Waxing hardly counts as pampering, does it?  Especially with a new therapist who doesn’t seem to know that the best technique is to whip the wax strip of really quickly while holding the skin taut. No, this one went for the slow and painful technique.

While we were there we got eyelash extensions. C’s of course looked wonderful. I, of course, with the combination of heavy handed eyebrow tint and thick, long black eyelashes ended up looking like a cross between Lily Savage and Daisy the cow.

Photo from:


Probably won’t use this particular beautician again.

Most of last night was spent in the bathroom applying bleach via a cotton bus to my eyebrows to take the colour down a bit (don’t do it, it stings) and rubbing oil all over my eyes to loosen the eyelash glue to get rid of the lashes which ended up in the sink like an army of dead spiders. That was all money well spent then.

It’s been over a year since we booked this holiday and at the time it seemed so very far away. I can’t believe it’s here already!

Anyway, no time to sit chatting and getting maudlin on here – I’ve got to go and marry my man all over again.



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