Bloody Hell! I’m off back on my hols!

Ha! I wish!

It’s afir to say that it’s been a proper bag of poo round here since we got back from our hols.  I’ve been trying my best to hold on to my sense of optimism and holiday found joie de vivre but it’s finally given up the ghost and now I’m as pissed off as everyone else round here. Woopy sodding do.

There isn’t a single person I know who isn’t going through some kind of trauma at the moment. The trauma’s in question range from the mildly irritating through depressing right up to downright life threatening.

Jeez, I’m so fed up I could buy a round!

Just to cheer me up – here are a few of my favourite holiday photos.

shades and mocktail
Don't wanna go home!
A girl and her coke are not easily parted
Tropical Beach - what's not to love?
Sink? That's handy!? WTF?
sunset or was it sunrise?
pool party
glorified fish and chips

This plateful of food sounded so exotic on the menu. When it arrived it was in fact fancy fish, chips and mushy peas!

swimming pool with Batty and The Rev
Cocktails! Mmmmmm..I mean a photo of Big N and Gembolina
Noddy, Lashes and Machinegun having drinkies
I've got my beady eye on you
All at sea
Some people are soooooo easy to amuse!

You get no prize at all, but I will be impressed,  if you know what the full title is for ‘gay rum’.

Ok, that did the trick, I’m much chirpier now.


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