Bits and pieces

There is a blog I follow called ‘Fridge Soup” It’s for all those little bits and pieces that can’t really make up a whole post on their own so you throw it into the soup and see what happens.

Today’s post is a bit like that: random offerings, throw ’em at the wall and see what sticks.

Yesterday in the doctor’s waiting room, me and Baby Bunting were waiting for Lashes to come out from her consultation (nothing serious). As normal I was amusing the baby by showing her and talking about the photos I have on my phone.  She pointed at this one from St Annes with the clingons last year and said:


on the beach

“Build sandcarsells.”

“What? Say that again.”  So she did, in the nicest RP accent you’ve ever heard. “Build sandcarsells.”  In between wiping away the tears of laughter at this born and bred lancastrian saying ‘sandcastle’  with an RP accent I had to wonder;  where the hell did she learn………?


She’s obviously discussed the photo with him and his southeren accent at some point and his pronunciation has stuck. I like it. Hhhmmm, do you think she’s too young for elocution lessons?


Did I mention that while we were on holiday Marco Pierre White was on the ship? Big N’s hero.  He almost swooned with excitement (Big N, not Marco ).

Of course he had to buy the book and get it signed. Casually dropping into the brief conversation that he was also a professional chef earned him much kudos from MPW who signed the book “From one chef to another.”  I’ve never seen Big N get star struck before,  On the photo he is almost cuddling MPW, not cool, Big N, not cool.


Walking in the pouring rain with Mrs Woofy today we took the high road round the back of our house and onto the moors up there. I’ve been avoiding that route becasue one of the local farmers has put livestock on it recently and we all know how partial mrs Woofy is to poo.  Since I’m not partial to throwing up, I usually take her on a different route these days, however, the combination of heavy rain, tiredness and a lot of work to catch up on made the decision for me.

The dog came across a puddle:

dog in a puddle

and decided to teararse through it at breakneck speed about a dozen times, every time ending by standing in front of me and shaking, all the while with a huge smile on her face and looking for a scooby snack for being a clever dog. It made me laugh though so she got the snacks.

Further on in the walk we came across this tree:


It’s got a bucket hanging from it. You may remember this bucket tree from last year. Anyway, for no apparent reason I started to sing Sandie Shaw’s “Puppet on a String.’ Where’s that come from? I couldn’t get the sodding song out of my head all the way home. Eventually I realised why I was singing it

‘IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII   wonder if one day that you’ll say that you care’

If you say I love you madly, I’ll gladly be there’

Like a bucket on a treeeeeee.’

It fits!!!!!!

Even though it was a windy, cold, wet and drab day, the moors were full of colour. Take a lookie at this:


Ok, I’ve enhanced the red a bit but to be honest, not much. The red grass was like a huge bloodstain on the yellow moorland grass. beautiful.


Talk about giving clues! Guess where Boofuls keeps his cards/money/fags/phone. Pickpockets R Us won’t struggle much with this one:

back pocket


Shopping for accessories for my newly decorated bedroom (I’m saving that post) I was in a shop with a cafe. ‘Time for lunch,’ I thought.  Wished I headn’t bothered, the jacket potato was still hard in the middle and just look at the salad.

soggy cucumber

Yeuch!! Did it go back? Oh yes. Faster than you can say,’ This is crap.’

The  over familiar teenage waitress with the booming voice kept saying, “I’m sorry looooove. That’s how the cucumber comes.”

It wasn’t till later I realised why she was over loud, a bit nervy and over friendly and helpful. That’s not like the staff in that shop at all. She must have seen me take the photo of it and thought I was a secret shopper or from ‘Watchdog’ or something.

Ok, that’s the best I can offer for today’s soup. Don’t worry though, it’s Friday tomorrow, we can have Friday pie!




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