New look page

Since it’s nearly Christmas….what?

Yes. You and I both know that it’s not nearly Christmas at all, it’s still over a month away but try telling that to the people round here, there have been houses trimmed up since we got home from our hols on 6th November and the shop owners seem to think it’s been Christmas since the end of August.

All this Christmas activity has put me in the mood so I’m changing the look of the blog to help things along. Nice, eh?

*sings* Jingle bells, jingle bells……”

It’s official. The decision has been made. This years tree will be purple and lime green. Yummy.  I will have to find a place for the Christmas turtle that I bought in Bardados while I listened to hoots of derision from the rest of the family.

It could have been worse – I could have opted for the Christmas star fish!  Yes, yes, I know it’s tacky (where on earth did that stupid, stupid word come from – tacky means slightly sticky – when did it start to mean in poor taste. I’m going to blame the Americans for that one – along with ‘fries’ Surely you mean chips.)  Anyway, that’s the whole point, it’s meant to be in poor taste, that’s the fun of it, silly. A tasteful turtle would be far too boring.

Caribbean Christmas Turtle

Oh yes, and the polar bear that I won in a raffle in church the other day.

polar bear

I think it’s an egg cup really but some clever dick has stuck a tea light in it and called it a ‘festive candle holder.’  Bezzie mate nearly wet herself laughing when she saw what it was since it had come all nicely wrapped in a gift bag and looked really exciting.  Honestly, we’ll get thrown out of that church for laughing one day.

Lashes and me were out shopping for winter clothes for Baby Bunting, we wandered around picking things up here and there and commenting on them. baby Bunting decided to join in and kept picking things up off the lower rails, holding them up and saying. “Oh look. This is cute.”   HAHAHAAAA How cute!!!!   In the end we got, among other things, some nice, colourful polo neck jumpers to keep the chill out and  behaved ourselves by not succumbing to the glitzy, pretty and ever so impractical pretty party and dressing up clothes that were on offer. Tsk. How boring.


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