Busy weekend

It’s funny how stuff pops up from nowhere, isn’t it? From planning a boring and peaceful weekend, which Boofuls was particularly looking forward to as he’s full of a cold, we ended up with a portrait sitting for three lively kids yesterday, a proof viewing in the afternoon, an engagement shoot this morning and to top it all off, the estate agent phoned yesterday to say someone wants to view the house TODAY!

Thank God for snow is all I can say. The gardens are disgusting at the moment but they’re hidden under an inch of snow so I didn’t have to go out gardening at 3.00 a.m. to make them look decent.   Of course our ( my) Saturday night  was spent running round the house making it all look purchase-alicious.  The barn is full of stuff for recycling but there’s nothing we can do about that at this stage so we’ll run them past that bit.

Boofuls has been itching to watch a 3D film on his new super duper blah de blah blah telly so we decided that after the photo shoot and proof viewing we’d go and buy one to watch last night with a glass or two of wine. Well. If ever there was a sure sign of getting old, this was it. We both stood, coats on ready to set off to the shops. “Where do you buy films, then?” says I.

“Dunno.” says he.

Good God! As teenagers we’d have had known that without even thinking. The same goes for where the best chippy’s, pubs and  music shops are. Sigh. I feel so old. I’m going to defend myself and say it’s not because we are old, it’s because we’d normally buy stuff like that as a gift and get it via the internet. Shops? Who needs ’em? Well us, actually, yesterday.

We ended up in that trendiest of stores, ASDA.  Fighting our way through the hoards of Christmas shoppers with trolleys that they seemed determined to use as weapons.  We failed in our task to buy a good 3D film. The only one we could find was about street dance with George Sampson who won a talent show a couple of years ago.  Never mind. I didn’t have time to watch it anyway as it turned out, I was too busy beautifying the house.



I caught the secret washing basket mixer upper the other day. Some years ago I invested in a three compartment basket. One basket each for lights, colours and darks. Not rocket science. The secret washing basket mixer upper, has been consistently mixing up all the sections ever since and it’s taken me this long to catch them. Catch them I did though as the culprit, who I couldn’t possibly name *cough* Boofuls *cough* put navy blue jeans in the ‘dark’ section but dark green pants and jumper into the coloured section.

He argued his case well. “Green’s a colour so it goes in the coloured part.”  Hhhhmmmm. “If it’s so dark a green it’s almost charcoal grey then I’d be inclined to put it with the darks.” “Well, it’s all subjective.”

“Can’t argue with that.  Let’s put it another way then. The coloured basket is for BRIGHT colours. Goddit?”


I was overwhelmed with answers to my little quiz the other day about how the dog got two tails.

Dog with two tails


No, no. Wait, I didn’t get any answers the other day to my little quiz. I’m disappointed in at least a couple of regulars who should have known the answer instantly. Tsk.

The answer is that the HDR on my iphone camera can’t cope with the stupidly fast movements of a dog who wags her tail at the speed of light so the exposures didn’t match up. Easy.



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