We have an employee at the factory who has been with us since she was sixteen, now she’s well over sixteen and I won’t be so rude as to reveal her age but lets just say that 40 isn’t too far off coming a knocking. She ceased being an just an employee many years ago and is now practically family. She’s a friend, walking buddy, confidante and eminently practical. If you’re stuck with  something then ask her, she’ll know how/where/who .   Apart from her obsession for all things purple  ( no, seriously – it’s obsession) she’s one all round good egg and we love her.  I’ll call her Pammy.

We went to her wedding. We know her family, we were thrilled for her when after waiting for such a long time she finally became a mother  of not one but two lovely twin boys, no less. She doesn’t do things by halves, our Pammy.

In short we have watched her grow up from a ditzy sixteen year old into a mature and capable woman – although still ditzy. I mean, the woman has not one but two purple Christmas trees for goodness sake!

So that’s where this story starts, with a normal happy family on a normal day.

I so wish that this  is where this story could end.

Pammy lost her husband unexpectedly and suddenly on Friday morning.  No one yet knows why. No one can understand why fate can be so cruel as to take those little boys’ father away so close to Christmas.

I’m not going to say anything else about this except: Pammy, our hearts are with you.



One thought on “Fate”

  1. Nicely written.
    I think everyone who knows Pammy is right behind her at this terribly sad time.
    Life can be so cruel and it can certainly question one’s faith at times.

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