Over! Over! Over! Splat!

Mrs Woofy and me took the clingons for a walk on our favourite playing fields the other day. You know the one. It’s the one with a nice footpath down one side and a fence at just the right height for Mrs Woofy to practice her jumping skills. I quite often sit her in just the right position so, on my command,  she can make a flying leap over it followed by a handbrake turn and a leap over in the opposite direction.   Clingon the younger thought this looked like great fun and decided to join in.

One jump, two jumps…..and she fell at the third hurdle with a resounding and undignified SPLAT straight into the snow. Was it too cruel of me to fall about laughing?

The snow has all gone now. I miss it. Winter is great as it’s clear, cold, crisp and white. At the moment everything is a dull and miserable grey, even the grass can’t be bothered to be green and has taken on a decidedly grey hue.  More snow is forecast for the end of the week so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it arrives safely.

Well, it’s been a busy old few days. Reprint orders are practically coming out of my ears, people are booking portrait sittings and the special offfer engagement shoot we set up with the local jewellers seems to be taking off. It’s all good. I hope it carries on.  If every week was as busy as last week and this week I’d soon be needing staff! There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!

Last Thursday Clingon number one had to go to Manchester for her four monthly check up at the children’s hospital. After sitting and waiting for the best part of an hour while umpteen people who came in after us were in and out, Gembolina went to complain. She was then called in immediately to see none other than  ‘Big Prof ‘  himself who, on noticing the the clingon wasn’t in school uniform, smilingly made the comment that we were clearly in a hurry to get out shopping so he’d make it quick. And he did.

We were in the Trafford Centre eating fajitas and nachos in no time.  Batty made a new friend:

Frosty the snowman with a clingon

Mrs Santa seems to have had one too many sherries:

Flashing santa

All in all it was quite a nice day out. I’d expected to spend all day at the hospital so a spot of lunch and shopping was an unexpected treat.

Boofuls and me bought our Christmas tree  on Saturday. It’s now Tuesday and it’s still sitting half naked in the living room as I just can’t find the time and/or energy to decorate it. Normally I’m brimming with ideas for trimming up but I have to confess I’m struggling a bit this year.  Mind you, Boofuls insists he’s brought in all the decorations from the barn but I think he’s made a mistake because I can’t find my Christmas elephants anywhere and it just isn’t Christmas without them. I’ll go and  have a look later when I’ve made a dent in my latest print order.

Christmas elephant

I have found my little mates though. It definitely isn’t Christmas without these guys.  Did I tell you that they managed to secure a modelling contract and will be featured in a  magazine over the festive season?

The Christmas team

I’m not sure how they’ll fit in with my half thought out sophisticated and elegant purple and gold dining room theme this year. I really need to get my festive head on and get my act together or it will all be over before I’ve got it done.

I’m not totally lacking though. I’ve already put the sprouts on to boil so they’ll just about be ready for the big day. I’ve also made some parsnip and apple soup and some spicy red cabbage which has gone in the freezer.  It’ll be a big do this year with potentially 12 of us for dinner.  We have an 18lb turkey on order. 18lb!!!   I might have to get the hedge clippers to it to get it in the oven!

Right, it’s been lovely chatting with you but now I have to stop chuffing about and work out how to upload photos via FTP to the local lab. Sounds easy enough, I’ve done it loads of times with other sites but this particular one always causes me issues.  Wish me luck!


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