Merry Christmas!

Just sitting quietly having my customary cup of hot water and enjoying the peace and quiet before the day begins.

Plan for today: Run round like a silly bugger cooking, tidying, washing up  etc etc.  You get the idea.

Fist stop today will be bezzie mate’s for Buck’s Fizz and croissants. Can’t wait for that. It isn’t Christmas till we’ve been to bezzie mate’s.  Then we are going to see Len’s parents for more Buck’s Fizz. Can’t wait for that either, I love Len’s parents. You would too if you met them.

After that it’s into Bigtown with Lashes and Len  to scoop up my little bro then Boofuls will pop down to get The Rev and family and from then on it’ll be all systems go!!!

I’ll be back with all the gossip and the photos later in the week.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas I hope it’s perfect for you.  Merry Christmas!!!!


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