Stupid o’clock

Why, why, why did I have to go and wake up a 4.a.m. this morning?

It’s not even as though I can blame Mr Snory as he seems to have been replaced by Mr sleeps nice and quietly (for a while, anyway).

Maybe it’s the thought of all the gardening that needs doing, it’s all  become horribly obvious since the snow all melted revealing a very sad and unkempt looking garden. I can’t turn a blind eye to it any longer now it isn’t all dressed in white. That little lot should keep me out of mischief for quite a while.

I’m getting bored now with all the Christmas eating, drinking and laziness It’s time to get motivated and start moving again. Doing nothing for two weeks always seems like such a good idea when you’re running round like a nutcase and can’t find time to spit (not that I would spit, that’s just disgusting). It’s not such a good idea when you’re going on Facebook for the nine millionth time in a day becauseyou can’t find anything more productive to do.

I”M BORED and a bored me doesn’t make good company. Definitely time for a project.

WordPress has come up with the jolly jape of challenging us to write a post a week or a post a day. Always one to act before I think, I accepted their challenge. About a nanosecond after the gauntlet hit the floor I thought, ‘What the fook did I do that for? Don’t I have enough to do?’

A: See above.

I’m worried now that I’ll be posting even more puerile crap than normal and you’ll all bugger off – yes, you, all you hoardes of readers who come in your.. er… ones… to keep up with what’s going on in my sophisticated, glamorous and exciting life. Doncha just wish you were me? See, if you do all bugger off then I really will just be keeping a diary. A diary of puerile crap, what a legacy for  future generations.

I’m not a big fan of New Year resolutions as I think you’re setting yourself up to fail but I’ll be giving this my best shot. Let’s see what happens.

Hey! I’ve just realised, it’s New Year’s Eve.   I might do one of those ‘end of the year round up’s’ that irritate me so intensely, mind you I’ve been glad to see the back of the last few years. Apart from a few drama’s and a horrible December, it hasn’t actually been a bad year, 2010. I don’t feel the same huge sense of relief that it’s over like I did at the end of 2009. That was a stinker.

Think I might go back to bed for a while now. G’night all.

See you tomorrow.


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