And so it begins..

What a strange New year’s Eve it was!  No matter what we tried to plan it wouldn’t work out how we wanted.  Still had a nice time but just not as we planned it.

The Rev and family opted to stay at home. Len’s Mum and Dad got flu  and were in bed by 9.00 p.m. so we couldn’t go up there.  Big N got invited out but couldn’t afford to go and Len and Lashes came to visit but were already ready for bed when they arrived. Woo bloody hoo!

Even our big plan to have a karaoke and then climb in the hot tub with a bottle of champagne some time before midnight backfired as an unforecast wind sprang up and put an end to that and it was foggy so not so exciting in the firework department.

In the end we ended up at the ‘ I’d rather put pins in my eyes’ party at the neighbours house.  As predicted, it was pretty grim. Good  fish paste sarnies though. Everyone sat around the edge of the room in the ginormous kitchen, not talking, nursing a glass of whatever  beverage took their fancy. In search of something a bit more exciting that a geriatrics tea party I went into the downstairs lounge looking for the younger family members.  Haha!! BINGO!!  No. No. I don’t mean bingo as in ‘eyes down, two fat ladies’ and all that, although there were a couple of fat ladies there. What I mean is that I found something of interest.

” Is this where all the cool people are?”  “Yes, so you can’t come in.”  It’s amazing what a couple of Bacardi Breezers can do to the cheek levels of kids who normally won’t even make eye contact, never mind pass the time of day with you.

Crowded round the television were a group of girls playing on the Michael Jackson Dance game for the Wii.   “Can I have a go?” I enquired politely.

“HAHAHAAAA!!  OH YES!!!  Prepare to be humiliated” Said one of ’em, “I’m filming this and I’m going to send it to You’ve Been Framed.”  they cackled like a pack of hyenas.

“Er, yeah, ok, whatever,” as I took the controller and started the game, playing against a lithe 15 year old with ‘attitood’.

Then I proceeded, with great aplomb, if I say so myself, to THRASH her!!  The note of panic in her voice when she realised my score was creeping above hers was brilliant.  I wouldn’t normally take such pleasure at winning a  game but the mocking beforehand had rattled me, not that I’d have let them know it,  and brought my killer competitive edge right to the surface.

“Don’t mess with the oldies, kid.” I growled as I handed back the controller to a now silent group of teenagers and left the room with a slight swagger.  Shame they forgot to ask me if I’d ever played it before (snigger).

Baby Bunting had followed me down, she had been promised a party and was determined to get one.  She’d made a friend of a six year old and was having a ball when Lashes came in and said they were leaving, having run out of pins for her eyeballs.  Baby Bunting was not for going:  ” PARTY, Mummy, PAAAAARTY!!”

The unfortunate thing about being two is that you are really quite portable and it’s difficult to put up much of a fight when you have been picked up and physically moved so we did leave,  much to Baby Bunting’s, and my, disgust, and made it back to our house in time for the chimes and fireworks. We even had a few of our own:

Indoor sparklers. Happy New Year!

Haha!! Pathetic, eh?  They were mini sparklers to put into the desserts on Christmas day and I forgot so we used them last night. Made me laugh but  don’t think anyone else was impressed.  The usual flurry of text messages and phone calls arrived and then  shortly after that we all went off to bed. Not together, obviously, that would have been weird!!

Happy New Year, hope yours got off to a more exciting start than ours did!


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