Nearly at the end

Considering we didn’t do a great deal over Christmas, the holiday seems to have whizzed past. I took the tree and all the decorations down yesterday.

As beautiful as the tree started off, it ended up just looking a bit bedraggled and droopy and when that happens all the decorations that looked so beautiful previously just look untidy and irritate me, so it had to go. Then it’s quite a short step to getting rid of the rest of the decorations as they seem a bit pointless with no tree. So now my house is back to normal, doesn’t it look huge and bare when everything’s gone?

We went for a jaunt to Blackpool Tower with Littlesis while she was here.  It appears to be in a state of flux at the moment with scaffolding everywhere and no one really knowing what’s what.  Boofuls and me flashed our ‘frequent visitor’ gold card to be told they no longer accept them. They think. Not really sure. Um.  She gave us the discount anyway.

Two men stood in front of us buying their tickets at the reduced price of £14 instead of the usual £17 were informed that everything was closed except the ballroom and the circus. “So that’s all we can do, go in the ballroom or the circus? We’ll not bother, thanks.”  Can’t say I blame them. Littlesis and partner only paid the full fee because she really wanted to dance in the world famous ballroom.

It didn’t disappoint, either.

The Wurlitzer rose up out of the floor, the dancers whirled, twirled, stomped and curtseyed.  Some were dressed in glittery, flowing gowns, some were in professional dance practice clothes and some looked like they’d just been for a hike in their boots and trainers.  Little kids  came in en route to the circus, watched for a moment before deciding it was all too boring and leaving. Old people danced the old time dances with stern faces and ramrod straight backs while, partnerless women danced together and beginners laughingly tried to join in, twisting their necks and stumbling in their efforts to watch the couple in front of  them. And all the while the spectators sipped at their afternoon tea and nibbled on neat sandwhiches.

That’s what I like about it, there is always such a range of people, abilities and  ages.  Everyone, mostly, with one thing in common: a love of dance.

Me and Littlesis tried an occasional old time dance. Stumbled around like a couple of nutcases.  Not very elegant but it made us laugh. Boofuls had no choice but to dance his little legs off during the ballroom and latin because he had both me and Littlesis to keep amused as her partner wasn’t really up for dancing much. In truth, I think he’d lost the will to live, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, Blackpool Tower.

The place looked magnificent as always, a throwback to a different and more elegant era.  Littlesis’s partner commented that you would be hard pressed to say which decade we were in.  I know what he meant, that’s why I love it.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Blackpool Tower Ballroom

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