Well, aint that just typical?

All my lovely snow disappeared just after Christmas, leaving the days as gloomy as a 4o watt light bulb ever since, and now – at 5.30 a.m. on the day everyone is back at work and ready for settling in to their new year routines – the snow is back with a vengeance. Tsk. Typical!

I’ve been watching it snow, with that  sense of awe and wonder  that I always get when I see it snowing, for about an hour now. It’s ridiculous for a woman of my, ahem, mature years, to get so excited about snow but I just love it. I might have to take an extra days holiday so I can get out  with my camera and shoot a few frames. Actually, that counts as working for me so hahahahaaaaa!!

Since I got stuck in a day early and cleared my desk of all the crap….er..I mean pending work yesterday I feel I deserve a days shooting and since I’m up so early I might just get up on the moors to do it and catch the sunrise. Sounds like a plan!!!

So why am I up so early? The dreaded red wine.  When will I ever learn? At least I didn’t get  cramp this time but I’ve been awake for hours and my nose is running faster than an olympic athlete. Rather than lying in bed tossing, turning and sniffing all night I decided it was better to cut my losses and get up early. Admittedly  5.a.m. is rather earlier than I would have chosen but hey ho – serves me right for drinking red wine again.  Still, look on the bright side, if I hadn’t been drinking red wine I wouldn’t have been awake to watch the snow. I shot this through the window ( so very lazy!!) a few minutes ago:

snowy night

This one was from a few weeks ago when the light was just gaw-jus. It’s the same shot though – almost:


snowy dawn

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

There’s been a bit of a flu epidemic around for a few weeks now, loads of people we know have been struck down with it. Lashes looks like she’s going to be the latest one to succumb to it. She came up last night for a while and sat huddled in a blanket, pale faced and weary, complaining of aches and pains. Oh dear.  Here she is feeling sorry for herself while Len looks on sympathetically:


Baby Bunting, on hearing there was a flu epidemic, decided to take a few preventative measures:



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