You have to love a regional accent

I’m keeping this one short for Peewee Winklepop who has the attention span of a gnat at the moment, and the fact that I’m knackered after spending the afternoon trying to put the studio back into some sort of workable order before tomorrow’s shoot.

Popping over to the snack bar across the road at lunchtime for a plastic plateful of chips, gravy and melted cheese (wonder why I’m not losing weight?) an old codder of a chap complete with flat cap, raincoat, clogs, scarf, the works,  rudely pushed past me as I was leaving the shop,  muttering and glaring at me balefully he declared for no obvious reason:

” Si thi, a  thewt  thad cloo-esdoo-er on mi.”

Feel free to leave your guesses as to what the translation is in RP English in the comments section. There will be a prize of  um, nothing for the  closest guess.

Anyone who gets it absolutely right will win a small amount of admiration for a short time, say about two minutes?


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