Living in a technological age

I’ve just seen an advert that has taken my breath away.  Apparently you can download an iphone app and then go round scanning the barcode of random items which you then upload to Tesco to  get said items delivered at your convenience.

That’s the stuff of science fiction films! I am constantly amazed at the advances in science in my lifetime. The mind boggles at what they’ll come up with in the future.

“Everything that can be invented, has been invented.”

That famous misquote was attributed to Edward Duell,  Commissioner of the American Patent’s Office  in 1899.  The story goes that he resigned because he didn’t believe that there could be anything left to invent. What a man of little imagination he must have been.  By ‘he’ I mean of course the person who did actually say those words, not poor Eddie who has just been lumbered with them for eternity. Gutted for him!

Can you imagine a person from Victorian times coming back for a look round now?  It’d be mind boggling, my mind boggles at it all and I grew up with it. Not only do we have phones but now we have phones that carry out all manner of tasks. Even as a confirmed Luddite I’d feel like I’d lost an arm if I didn’t have my iphone.  Alexander Graham Bell really started something with his little invention, eh?

Talking about  technology. Have you seen the news about the new Kinnect? After whining all Christmas that I wanted a Kinnect and I’d trade in my Wii to get one, I’ve since discovered that it has ‘killed’  thousands of Xbox 360’s, causing the dreaded  ‘red light of death’  and rendering  them useless.  I’m thinking I might wait a bit longer and wait till they’ve sorted out all the glitches before changing.

Did I say I was a Luddite? Hhhmm, the times they are a – changing, I think.


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