Winter Blues

Winter greys, more like. The lovely snow went as quickly as it came leaving everything behind  in varying shades of grey. The sky is a particularly grim shade of grey this morning.  The wind is howling round the house trying to find a way in through the ill fitting windows and doors. I know that wind doesn’t have a colour but if it did, this one would be grey.

Drab, drab, drab, drab drab, I hate it.

To cheer me up, here’s a photo from last week:

snowy gate

Boofuls and me are doing an engagement shoot in Blackpool today. I think I’ll look for a nice, bright grafitti-ed wall to use as a backdrop and get a bit of colour going on.

The plan after the shoot is to spend a bit of time just chillin’, Boofuls has booked us a room at one of the nicer hotels. We might go to the Tower for a bit of dancing or we might go to the theatre, or we might even do both.

I’ve downloaded the Worpress app for my phone so I can even keep you updated live, as the action is happening.  Or you know what? I might not. Let’s se how the mood takes us.

Have a nice Saturday.


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