Happy 110111! Unless you’re American that is,  in which case, happy 011111. Either way it’s a pretty cool date, bettered only by the impending 111111.

Do you think I have too much time on my hands?

So. What about today, then?  With a date as cool as this you’d think something momentous would have happened. Nope.  Nuthin’.

Well, obviously something as in the normal everyday get up, have breakfast etc.etc. but absolutely nothing of any real interest has happened today.  Except…….

I got round to opening the last of my Christmas presents. It was a toiletry set from someone who obviously doesn’t like me, I bet they won it in a raffle or something. Within the set was contained the usual, talc, moisturiser and a stick deodorant. Stick deodorant? These days? Who still uses them? Crikey.

It’s so long since I’ve seen one of those I had to read the instructions to remind myself how to use it. The instructions said:

‘Remove lid and push up bottom.’

I could hardly walk!!


Happy binary day!



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