Bag balloon moon

How frustrating it must be when you are desperate to tell a good story but you just haven’t got the language skills to do it.  What do you mean, I should know? Cheeky!

Lashes and the family had been out for tea on Sunday before popping in to see us. Baby Bunting came running up to me all excited, practically jumping up and down on the spot and shouting. “Moon, balloon, sky BALLOON sky, moon, balloon!”

Being well versed in the language of baby, I worked out what was going on with a bit of help from Lashes.

“Did your balloon fly away?”

“Yes. SKY, Nanny. Balloon sky.”

“Did you cry.”

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees.” (sad face)

“Where’s your balloon now?”


It’s obviously getting a bit untidy on the moon as the next day a carrier bag was whipped out of my car by the ridiculously strong wind that almost took the car door off. I was putting baby into her car seat at the time. As the bag whipped past our faces she watched it horrified as it flew away.

“BAG!! Sky. Moon, Nanny? Bag, balloon, moon!”  Bless.

Everyone she met that day she told the same story to. Everyone listened attentively as she tried her best to tell them. A far cry from when I was a child and children were seen and not heard. If we tried to speak, adults would just speak straight over the top of us. I’m so glad those times have changed. Children have interesting things to say as well.

Baby will be staying with us this weekend because it’s Len and Lashes Big Adventure Weekend.  They’re off to London to go and see Chicago The Musical.  They’re leaving Saturday morning and coming back Monday evening.

Wish I was going, I haven’t been to London for ages and I’d love to see Chicago. Sigh. Soon.

At the moment I’m getting excited about the  next Big Adventure for me and Boofuls.  I’ve managed to extricate a promise from him to go and spend a couple of weeks in Norway in winter freezing our backsides off in search of the Northern Lights. Hopefully we won’t actually freeze our backsides off,  * thinks*  hmmm  I really could do to get rid off it, maybe freezing it off is the answer.

Enquiries are already underway now that I’ve established the best places to go.  I’m really excited about this one, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to see the Northern Lights. Boofuls, as normal, tolerates my nutcase schemes, just quietly sighing to himself and saying, “Yes, love.”  and letting me get on with it.

He’s not a lover of cold weather holidays. I can’t stand the heat. We’re like Jack and Mrs Spratt. How the hell have we managed to stay married so long?


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