Not a happy camper

Funny things, people.

Two sets of couple were due at the studio to view their photos.  The first couple I’d found quite hard work  last week when I shot their ‘bump’ photos.  the second ones, from last Saturday were a hoot, you remember the multicoloured coat? Them.

First appointment this morning, the pregnant couple, not looking forward to this, thought they might be picky. They were picky all right. They picked this, that, the other, spent a fortune and are coming back for more. They loved their photos and stayed with me over an hour and a half planning where they would put the baby photos when he/she is born.

After a good start I was looking forward to freebie the engagement couple.   How wrong can you be?

They managed to find  only 4 photos ‘they didn’t mind’ out of the whole batch. Tried to get the whole cd of images from me to ‘make their mind up at home’.   Yeah, yeah, do I look like I came down with the last shower of rain? I’ve come across that one before.

She complained that she didn’t like her photos but his were ok (only ok) . He complained he didn’t like his photos but hers were ok. In the end they left without making any decisions.  I was just glad to see the back of them and near to tears.  I wouldn’t mind if the photos really were bad but they aren’t. I was really pleased with them and looking forward to showing them off.

Just goes to show, what people don’t pay for, they don’t value. Freebies? Hate ’em.



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