Back into the routine

Phoning my sister yesterday to see if she fancied a walk in the park with me and Baby Bunting she told me that she couldn’t come as she was going to get her hair cut, telling me that she looked like Don King, the American celebrity.

“Whaaaaaat!  You’ve turned black?

Don King

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Now that the new year has settled in, everything is getting back to it’s normal routine.  It was the first doggy boot camp of the year. We’ve been put into the ‘improvers’ class.  Well, the dog might be improving but I certainly have a long way to go.

Running round the course like a bloody loony last night I realised I haven’t recovered from my chest infection as well as I thought I had, I wheezed and gasped for air as we got to the end, legs threatening to go from under me.  Poochie was bouncing around me like a kangaroo with a big smile on her face while I clung on to the fence trying to breathe.

Most of the other dogs in this new class seem to be barkers.  What a racket. The only two dogs who didn’t feel the need to bark constantly were the labradors.  By the end of the class my ears were ringing, I couldn’t wait to get home and settled down quietly with a nice g & t.

It was all a bit of a rush to get there last night as Len and Lashes were due back from London at 5 o’clock train in Preston. That meant a drive through rush hour traffic. Drop them off, pick up Mrs Woofy and get to boot camp for 6 o’clock, No wonder I was knackered last night.

A good nights sleep has done the trick though and the plan for today is to get ready for the first wedding fair of this year which is tomorrow night at Haighton Manor, nice little venue, that.   Oh well, better stop chuffing about and get on with it then, have a nice day.



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