The King’s Speech

Go and see it. Seriously. Bloody brilliant film.

Boofuls and me found ourselves at a loose end on Saturday night so we popped along to our local cinema. The good thing is that we went early and it’s a film that won’t appeal to your average child or teenager so no need to worry about sitting in spilt pop, flying popcorn or mobile phones going off or being looked at every two minutes.

Apart from the 35 minutes of adverts we had to sit through, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The overly crisp cut glass RP accent was a bit wearing on the ears to begin with but it only took a few minutes to get tuned in to it and now I’m going round talking like the Queen.

I laughed, cried and empathised all the way through it and not once did I lose my suspension of disbelief . Bloody marvelous film.

Stricken by a severe attack of the munchies when we’d come out of the cinema, we nipped across the road to Chiquito’s for a bite to eat. Boofuls’ face when he looked at the menu was a picture.

Mexican food and Boofuls in the same sentence?  Hahahaaa!!

Eventually, after a lot of face pulling,  he settled for a Texan Cowboy Burger. He decided against a starter as being far too dangerous for his delicate palate.  Too hungry to wait for a main course I opted for crispy potato skins with sour cream to keep me going till my   main course of fajitas arrived.

All in all not a bad night out.

In a minute I’m going to ring a dance school in Preston about enrolling for Argentine tango lessons. How exciting is that? Argentine tango!!  I remember watching (wait for this blast from the past…..) Sunday Night at the London Palladium on TV years and years ago and………     hang on…………..hhhmmph………..well, actually, not all that many years ago….. There was couple dancing a French themed dance and I remember being enthralled by it. Not only the dancing but the music, the costumes, everything. Sigh.

At the time I had no idea that I was watching an Argentine tango but I have never forgotten the dance or how it made me feel. Why we’ve waited so long to learn it I have no idea.

I have a feeling that Baby Bunting’s dance gene kicked in this morning. Lashes was having her lesson today instead of Thursday. Every time the music started, baby Bunting demanded that I dance with her because she wanted to dance like Mummy.  Oh, I can feel 20 years of dance classes coming on. Better get saving, Lashes. That is exactly how she started, watching me and Boofuls dance.


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