Is sleeping sickness a real thing? If it is then I think I’ve got it. I’m KNACKERED!!

Yesterday I crawled out of my bed and spent the day feeling a bit zombified.  Last night I could have gone back to my bed by 8.30 but forced myself to stay up till 10pm.  Even reading my bedtime book is too much effort, mind you, it is a crap book. ‘Angels in my teeth’ or something by Lorna someone or other.

I seem to be repeating the same routine today.

Dammit, I haven’t got the time to be tired/ill.

Tonight is the first wedding fair of this year and I’ve a ton of preparation work still to do, mostly due to the fact that I spent yesterday like a zombie.

Better stop chuffing about on here and get on with it then.

Sorry for moaning.


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