Another week rolls by

Saturday already? Crikey!

Well, that medium I went to see got it wrong, didn’t she?  You know the one, her that told me Lashes was pregnant even before Lashes told me. Well, it must have been a fluke. She’s got nothing right since. She said we’d sell our house just before or just after Christmas. Well now both those occasions are a distant memory and not a whiff of a sale. Tsk.

We did get our hopes up when that blacksmith and his Mrs came for a looky the week before Christmas and announced that they loved the place but there hasn’t been sight nor sound of them since. Dammit.  I never imagined for one moment it wold take so long to sell, we thought it would be gone in three months and it’s been almost three years!  A lesson in being patient, I think.

Talking of being patient, Boofuls has been trying and failing to create a new client slideshow but every time he gets to the final stage the image quality plummets, making it unusable. He’s been messing about with it for weeks now, never getting any further on. Eventually he decided what he need was a genius so we trotted off to the Trafford Centre to the Apple store last night to go and see one if their geniuses (genii?) .

Problem solved in about two minutes! The answer is far too boring to share with you on here but let me tell you that it was so simple that it really doesn’t justify the hours and hours of, cursing and teeth gnashing that has been going on here for the last two months.  They could at least have made it look like a difficult fix.

While Boofuls was in the Apple store I wandered around the shops in an,  all too rare these days, orgy of window shopping. Apart from the purchase of a ludicrously expensive mascara and lash primer, I didn’t spend a bean.  The mascara and primer may have been expensive but it wasn’t an extravagance, it’s a necessity. I have little piggy  blue eyes with short, sparse, blonde lashes. Without lashings of mascara I look like I’ve had a good cry from my invisible eyes. I need a decent mascara just to make my eyes visible to the world.

I do have very nice legs though to make up for it.  Leggings and boots were invented just for me. I was thrilled when they came back into fashion,  (leggings and boots that is, not legs) being able to show off my pins without looking like and old slapper. Long live leggings and boots! (but not leggings stretched so tight over  fat, dimply, flabby legs that they have started to give at the seams and the fabric is almost see through, that just makes me want to heave.) God, I’m so shallow!

The research for our Big Adventure is still progressing. I was a bit shocked when I saw a trip offered on one of the Alaskan websites: “Meet a real Alaskan.”   I don’t know who’s being patronised most, the tourist or the ‘real Alaskan’ that they’re going to trot out as a tourist attraction.

I imagine that if your going to spend any amount of time in Alaska then you’d stand a pretty damn good chance of meeting a ‘real’ Alaskan anyway.  Maybe I should offer, ‘Meet a real Lancastrian’ tours round here and show American tourists round to our neighbour who speaks with the broadest Lancashire accent you’ve ever heard, aye, sithee.


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