Boudoir shoot

Occasionally I get people phoning up for boudoir shoots.  I don’t really encourage it as the studio isn’t ideal for that type of work, too bloody cold and draughty, it might be a different story if it was warm and cosy.

Yesterday was an exception, a dark eyed,  beautiful black girl came to see me for a burlesque shoot, bringing a few props with her including this hat:


Ok, not really,  I picked up the hat in a shop a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to use it on the dog for a pet portrait with a difference and since Mrs Woofy is so cute I thought it would suit her.  What a pularver!

She didn’t like that hat at all.

She jumped around, scraped her head along the floor, ran round in circles and generally went nuts. Most of the time when the hat wasn’t flying through the air it was hanging down forlornly under her chin, feathers dangling and being shaken around, looking a bit like a hen in the process of being murdered.

Eventually, after a lot of laughing, cajoling, wrestling with and bribing with treats, me, Rev and Gembolina  had all failed to get the dog to stay still. Gembolina suggested that we shoot the dog ( not actually shoot the dog although so very tempting at that point)  and shoot the hat separately.

Damn fine idea!

What she wasn’t expecting though was that she was going to have to be the model because she has black hair so it would be an easier edit.  She played her role well, I was impressed. No need for treats or ordering her to ‘SIT!’ either.

begging for treats

The plan worked perfectly. The dog sat perfectly well  and posed beautifully without the hat and I got a dozen prim and pretty pictures of her.  I notice that she’s smiling on them, probably having a good laugh at having run us all a merry dance.

Last night I sat down to edit the photos and  half an hour later. Voila! The picture I wanted. Doggy burlesque!


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