Bloody hell!  That was a busy wedding fair last night!

After the usual traumas getting it all set up, not enough power sockets, lights not reaching, trapped in a corner blah de blah blah we eventually got it all organised and ready to greet the public.

Midweek, evening wedding fairs are funny events quite often they are very quiet and dismal affairs which leave us feeling like me might as well have stayed at home watching ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.  You can’t ever really tell what they’re going to be like.

Well!  From the second the doors opened we were deluged with visitors, all night long we chatted to and schmoozed a sea of punters. People were actually queueing to talk to us! Normally half the people in the room walk past giving you dirty looks  or come for a half hearted look through the albums without wanting to engage at all, ‘Nah, we’re alright thanks.”  ‘Tyre kickers’ we call them.

If you’re not familiar with how a wedding fair works, it’s like this: people come in, look round, eat cake, watch fashion show, bugger off.

Once the show is over we can normally start packing away as there is a mass exodus to the door. Not last night.  Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat. Eventally I was surprised to notice other stall holder packing up, “Almost everyone has gone from the other room.” she said.

“Oh!”  Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat.

Eventually we reached a point when I felt I could turn off the display lights – just as a family walked up to the stand, “Aaawww, are we too late?”

Absolutely not. On went the lights again and we chatted some more.

It was after 10pm when we finally left, clutching a pair of  cup cakes that looked very much like breasts, courtesy of the cake stand next door. Well, there has to be some perks (hahaaaaa  perky breasts!!!!)  to spending all evening stood up yapping  and the left over  cupcakes or chocolate if there’s a chocolate fountain are usually it.

‘Should be a nice quick drive home at this time’ we thought, wrongly, as it turned out. The M6 was down to one lane. The matrix board was showing a speed limit of 20 mph. That was overly optimistic, 2 mph was more like it.  The M65 was closed, dammit, it took us an hour and a quarter to get home from Garstang, twice as long as it should have done. We soon lost our buzz from a busy night and sat silent and slumped in the car as we navigated our way round the road closures.

So now it’s Wednesday morning, I’m sooo very tired and of course I have a mountain of work to get through. It could be a very ploddy kind of day today.

Apologies for the ridululous over use of ‘!’  I just can’t seem to leave it alone!!!  Must be because I’m so tired!


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