I feel like a gypsy

A young, virile, dark eyed…… Whoa there!! Get a grip.
Hold on while I open a window. Phew!!! I meant, before my little
jaunt off to fantasy land, that I feel like a gypsy because of all
the travelling we are doing this weekend. We arrived in Oxford ish
about an hour ago. Vigils is panned out on the bed snoring his
knackered and hungover little brains out before we meet up with
some folks for dinner. Not expecting much in the way of laughs,
it’s more likely to be a nerd fest, all techie talk and geek speak
that goes right over my head. It’s at time like these that I have
to remind myself that I’m a highly educated woman and that I won
business woman of the year for a reason, not just because I can
tell a good joke (although I can) otherwise I feel totally
intimidated. This blogging from my mobile business is hard work. It
takes me loads longer because my keyboard is munchkin sized and I
can’t see what I’ve written without my glasses so apologies for any
typos. Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday and I’ve got loads
to tell you.


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