Home sweet home

Back home again after a brilliant weekend. I have so much to tell you but I need to get my brain organised otherwise it will all be disjointed drivel ( as normal).

I made an executive decision earlier. Ready? It’s a biggie (not really).

I’m ditching the postaday challenge in favour of the postaweek challenge. Posting every day when you choose to and having a chat about whatever takes your fancy is fine – when it takes your fancy.  Since I took up the postaday challenge it’s been really difficult to find things to say – just  because I felt under pressure to find something.

Well that’s a stupid game, isn’t it?  It’s only a bloody bloggy hobby so why put myself under pressure and take the fun out of it?

So, I’ll be back when I really do have something to say (aaaahhh, the relief is tangible).

P.S. I’m glad to see the fern is back where it belongs, where the hell did it go? Was it on it’s holidays?

P.P.S  Ha! Now I’ve taken the presure off the ideas are flooding in.  We heard the other day abut a man who only works a three day week. He refers to himself as a ‘t**t’.

Bit harsh, I thought. Then he explained that it means he works Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa


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